Outbound Email Filtering Services

Fiscal Trail Outbound Filtering cleans up and maintains the integrity of the information leaving the corporate network, preserving your brand and reputation.

While inbound email threats receive the bulk of attention from network administrators, outbound email misuse can cause big problems for organizations. Non-compliant attachments and inappropriate content can get your email server blacklisted and shutdown in a matter of minutes. Once you are on a blacklist, it can take days to undo the damage.

Offered as part of our comprehensive Filtering service, Email Outbound Filtering scans for and cleans up damaging viruses, content and attachments, before they leave your network. Email Outbound Filtering keeps your outbound communications clean and clear.

  • Prevent the distribution of company-sensitive information.
  • Prohibit outbound delivery of messages with inappropriate content.
  • Strip oversize and suspicious attachments.
  • Block the transmission of harmful viruses and worms.
  • Enforce a company-wide disclaimer on all outgoing messages.
  • Unparalleled support from our Support Team.

Easy to implement, manage and use, our Email Outbound Filtering is a scalable, reliable and secure service with no set-up fees. Built on a highly reliable and scalable SaaS platform, Email Outbound Filtering can be deployed immediately and requires no upfront hardware or software investment.