ITIL/ITSM Consultancy Services


IT Departments need to provide services that meet the current and future needs of the business, driven by changes in the needs of customers. In business, timely agility is the key to continuing profitability. For the business to become more agile, IT needs to become more agile. IT is so deeply embedded in the business that a serious IT failure can have a catastrophic and long-lasting effect on the profitability of the business. It is important for IT to prevent downtime wherever possible through visibility of impact, risk and cost, as well as providing a solid plan to support disaster recovery.

Fiscal Trail has developed a comprehensive range of best practice consultancy solutions to help organisations align technology provision with their business goals. Whatever service management issues need to be addressed, FTI has a service solution designed to not only overcome the issues but deliver the full benefits expected from each best practice process.

FTI's ITIL Consultancy Services centre on the process approach defined within the ITIL best practice framework for IT Service Management. Each service solution helps deliver the one or a group of processes, and the associated benefits, outlined in the ITIL best practice framework. We provide a range of product-independent best practice consulting and training to help you devise, activate and realize an IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy based on ITIL best practices that delivers real business value to your organization. Our strategic ITSM consulting services focus on how your organization can apply best practices in a practical way to achieve tangible results. The ITSM consulting services help your organization:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Prioritize IT improvements for greatest business impact.
  • Bring focus to your ITSM/ITIL project.
  • Build a convincing business case for ITSM/ITIL.
  • Avoid the pitfalls.
  • Implement efficient supporting processes.
  • Achieve ISO/IEC 20000 accreditation.

We provide ITSM/ITIL Consulting services in the following areas:

SLA & Service Catalog

Service level management has become increasingly important in the IT world. We can help your organization to create service level agreements and construct an ITIL service catalog, which provides a business-level interface between IT and the business to drive a service-oriented approach.

Configuration Management

The Configuration Management solution aims to deliver the necessary process to deliver the configuration data requirements of all other operational processes and the effective interfaces between them.

ITSM/ITIL Overview

Take the first step towards best practice IT Service Management with ITIL.

ITSM/ITIL Evaluation

We’ll help you assess the current state of ITSM in your organization, and identify where you want to get to.

ITSM/ITIL Process Optimization

Quality processes are critical to providing quality services. We’ll look at where your individual service support and service delivery processes can be improved to make them more efficient and effective at supporting the business.

ITIL Best Practice Consulting services encompass all of the ITIL processes and includes but is not limited to the following service offerings:

  • Service Desk.
  • Service Monitoring and Control.
  • Unavailability Management.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Availability Planning.
  • IT Service Continuity.
  • Service Level Management.
  • Financial Management for IT Services.

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