Email Filtering

FTI’s Email Filtering service is the first and most important step in keeping your network clean and working. Our Email Filtering service protects your email system, wiping out more than 99.97% of spam, viruses, worms and harmful content and attachments before they even reach your network. Built on award-winning technology, FTI Filtering is the first and most important step in keeping your message system clean and working.

FTI Filtering offers a robust filtering solution with a user-friendly console and affordable pricing. Leveraging a unique and patented multi-layered system of more than 20 separate filters, our Filtering protects against a wide range of email dangers. Our team of Threat Center experts, continually updates our email defense system to help protect against the latest threats.

Businesses are spending more time and money managing and fixing email related problems than ever before. They need a cost effective solution that cleans up their messy email problems, and lets them get back to work, fast.

Used alone or combined with Message Archiving and Message Continuity for added strength, our Filtering is FTI's all-purpose solution for any potential email mess.

Our main Features and Benefits of our Email Filtering Service are:

1) Spam Blocking

We protect your company from the costs and headaches associated with unwanted and unsolicited emails. Our Framework blocks over 99% of spam. Suspect messages are deposited into an external quarantine for future handling if desired. A Spam Quarantine Report is delivered to end-user mailboxes for easy administration.

2) Virus and Worm Scanning

The Filtering Service blocks both known and unknown viruses, worms, and blended threats with safe external filtering and customizable quarantine management. The Service leverages leading third-party anti-virus engines from Authentium®, McAfee® and Sophos®. WormTraq® worm detection technology identifies and intercepts zero-hour mass mailing worms before they enter or leave a corporate network.

3) Fraud Protection

Our Filtering Service secures your company against email fraud, phishing and pharming scams ensuring that business critical and personal employee information stays inside the company walls. Anti-spam rules automatically protect businesses from fraud and phishing scams. 24x7 Backline Operations Center provides proactive defense against the latest phishing attacks.

4) Content and Attachment Filtering

It eliminates threats stealthily embedded in email content and attached to inbound messages. Automatic filtering identifies and blocks unwanted, inappropriate and malicious content in body, copy and attachments before it enters your organization. The HTML shield blocks intrusive spam beacons and web bugs.

5) Email Attack Protection

It protects your business against the ever increasingly clever attempts by spammers to bypass typical filtering mechanisms in order to capture information about your employees. A unique MX record masking technique conceals email servers from the public Internet. It provides instant blocking of denial of service and other SMTP-based attacks.

6) Email Outbound Filtering

It ensures proper delivery of corporate email and protects the security of sensitive information. It also protects corporate integrity by preventing distribution of sensitive or proprietary information. It has an option to add footer or disclaimer to all outbound messages.

7) Built-in Disaster Recovery Layer

You never lose emails in the event of server connectivity failure. The Fail Safe Service provides email spooling during outages for up to five days. Notification messages are sent via email or text when Fail Safe is engaged. It manually manages the spool and unspool process for planned maintenance. Message Continuity is also available, providing 60 days of Webmail access to the DR queue. Filtering also helps protect against bounce-back messages.

8) Security

You can easily send and receive email over a secure, end-to-end encrypted tunnel. Secure message delivery is done via Transport Layer Security (TLS).

9) Management

We manage filtering policies, access and analyze valuable reporting data and more via the award winning web-based administration console. Control filtering policies, configuration and reporting data are done in real time. It has Microsoft Active Directory Integration. It also has Connectwise PSA Integration.