Message Continuity

Fiscal Trail provides Message Continuity as a fully automated recovery service enabling web-based email access, management and use during planned or unplanned outages.

Natural disasters, power failures, and other unexpected events can bring down a business network within seconds–derailing communications, jeopardizing business opportunities, resulting in lost revenue. With Message Continuity you don't have to sweat the interruption of your most vital business communication tool.

  • Minimize email downtime, making outages invisible to the outside world.
  • Automated, worry free email delivery protection.
  • Zero-maintenance answer to your email security and management needs.
  • Predictable, low monthly fee for simplified disaster recovery and business continuity service.
  • Fully integrated with all our other Email Services.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Exchange and other business email platforms.
  • Unparalleled support from our Support Team.

Easy to implement, manage and use, Message Continuity is a scalable, reliable and secure service with no set-up fees. Built on a highly reliable and scalable SaaS platform, our Message Continuity can be deployed immediately and requires no upfront hardware or software investment. Message Continuity, together with Email Filtering and Message Archiving rounds-out a comprehensive solution for all your messaging protection, continuity and retention needs.