Backup & Recovery

The increased regulatory scrutiny, data governance, and transparency obligations are changing the way organisations conduct business electronically. Along with rapid data growth, organisations are facing increasing data management challenges which impact on operational efficiency, costs to manage data and business risk. Fiscal Trail has an integrated approach to Business Systems Continuity that enables businesses to quickly recover the systems and data that keep them in business. Fiscal Trail’s multi-tier Storage Management Service addresses the growing challenges associated with data backup, archival and disaster recovery. This allows us to protect, recover and archive the right data at the right time for the optimum cost, ultimate accessibility and security.

Our backup and recovery services are a fully managed service, ranging from single server backups to multi-tiered enterprise database & application backup management. To ensure that your business can deal with the unforeseen, it is crucial to ensure that key data is being properly managed and secured. With FTI, the combination of multiple secure Backup Centres, a robust and reliable network, and specialist storage expertise means you can reduce the cost, complexity and time it takes to manage your data backup and recovery. Backing up critical data is a key component of any disaster recovery plan. In the event of a fire, a flood or some other unforeseen event, you'll need to know – in advance – that you can still access up to date information as soon as possible. Our team of advisers helps clients to plan comprehensively for such possibilities.

We review your network architecture, the applications you are running, and your user activity to ensure that plans are in place to replicate what is required to keep your business running in case of disaster and eventual data loss. A copy of information is taken from your servers to a FTI secure backup centre. You can choose from a range of backup policies. Most commonly, incremental backups occur six days a week, with a full backup on the seventh day and an additional full backup every month. To address data compliance needs, FTI offers an archival service where the monthly backups are moved to FTI’s separate secure archive premises for a scheduled period of time.

Our helpdesk is on call 24/7 for you to initiate restoration. Restoration is charged per GB restored. You can restore data to your existing server in our managed data centre, or to your own equipment. You can also choose to have us perform periodic test restorations to check the integrity of the backup.

Your business could experience dramatic cost savings by eliminating the need for hardware, planning and acquisition, as well as staff training and operation of backup systems. FTI’s innovative ‘pay for what you use’ pricing structure replaces significant capital purchasing decisions with predictable and affordable monthly costs. Your data will be housed in a secure, centrally managed location, remote from your business, using infrastructure and hardware that have been built to the highest levels of security and performance and is managed by an experienced team.