Infrastructure Audits

FTI takes a rigorous yet commercial approach to infrastructure audits - analysing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for future improvements. Our experience of managing literally hundreds of differently configured IT environments means that we are well placed to understand how best to configure infrastructure for clients.

Our consultants and engineers are well qualified to benchmark your IT environment against industry best practices and emerging technology opportunities. The core aim of a Fiscal Trail infrastructure audit is to deliver back a report and set of recommendations outlining the current position, identifying shortfalls and risks, and suggesting future improvements.

Our audit and review service is a two stage process. Firstly, we normally spend some time with you, discussing your business and understanding your aims and objectives. We conduct a review discussion with your IT staff to understand their perspective on the IT systems.Staff members provide valuable insight into the day-to-day usage of your IT infrastructure, revealing where efficiency gains can be made and costs reduced.

Secondly we'll carry out a full audit of your entire IT infrastructure, from the cabling, to firewalls, routers, servers and PCs and peripherals This will allow us to produce a report that details the strengths and weaknesses of your IT infrastructure, and highlight opportunities for improvement. We can then work with you to develop a clear IT strategy and a plan to implement it.

We also conduct constant audit reviews of your IT infrastructure. Implementing regular system checks to ensure peak levels of efficiency. Our dedicated monitoring systems and high levels of knowledge ensure that your infrastructure is being constantly analysed to deliver the best possible results. Without such regular checks effective management can quickly become difficult and important insight can be lost.

Our job is to keep on top of devices as they are refurbished, replaced and recycled. This is done using our Configuration Management solutions to collect data and by analysing it, extract intelligence that enables us to make valued suggestions on how to move forward. As your partner we provide a cost-effective service that ensures your infrastructure is fully integrated and working to its full potential.