About Us

About Us

Fiscal Trail Inc., commenced operations as a separate corporate entity on November 21, 2008. We are a re-incarnation of a large IT company that was sold to a Fortune 500 company. Fourteen executives of the previous company decided to formally incorporate and continue the former business services. Once the legal requirements were completed, the 14 of us, comprising of Chartered Accountants, CPAs and CISA professionals decided to renew our professional links to our former clients. Our gratitude for the extensive demand and loyalty of our former clients is inexhaustible.

We individually have nearly three decades of experience in providing cost-effective and high-quality IT and Financial solutions.

FTI’s mission is to enable our clients to outperform because of our passion for service and innovation. We place our clients first and at the core of everything we do. We want to be known and trusted by our customers to deliver top quality services. Through trust and commitment, we build win-win relationships with our partners and vendors. We learn from our experiences; share knowledge and best practices to create innovative solutions. We strive for excellence in everything we do and aspire to outperform at every stage.

Our philisophy is best described with this quotation:

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.
He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.
He is not an interruption in our work - he is the purpose of it.
We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a
favour by giving us the opportunity to serve him.

Mahatma Gandhi

We offer more than 25 years of individual executive management experience in building and supporting technical and accounting solutions for multi-vendor global enterprises. FTI is dedicated to building and delivering high quality products and services for it’s small and medium enterprise customers.

Our strategic, technical and creative personnel collaborate to address the full range of end-to-end solutions required to meet the increasingly large and complex needs of our client’s. The industry in which we operate is time-to-market sensitive, and we believe that we provide faster project delivery due to our expertise.

We place a high premium on our people, quality and business values. We develop our employees through continuous training and provide them with opportunities to work on state-of-the-art technologies.

Values and our dedication to requirements are at the foundation of what makes FTI different and of particular value to our clients. The ethos of the company is to work honestly and with integrity at all times, so that we build long term strategic partnerships on the basis of trust. FTI aims to be a model company incorporating the best work ethics and corporate governance. The company’s mission is to grow extensively without compromising on quality. It aims to be amongst the top players in every area of operations. It benchmarks achievements against international quality standards and treats every milestone achieved as the stepping-stone to the reach the zenith.

FTI believes in fair play, thereby creating value for its stakeholders, employees and customers to maximize shareholder value. Instilling in its employees, the need to offer best products and services to its consumers, FTI has created a an enterprise managed by seasoned professionals.